“Be the change you want to see in the world”

The world is going through a huge change. The physical body of man is shifting from carbon-based to crystalline as energy is building and expanding. The physical body is being upgraded. Scientists are aware of the changes in our DNA. There is also an upgrade of consciousness, which involves an upgrade in your chakras and auric field. This process is often referred to as the ascension process.

Helen is a catalyst of personal evolution. Focusing on your personal evolution is the only way it will happen. She is here to help shift the frequencies of the planet back to a frequency of love and harmony. She is the bridge between the physical reality and the non-physical reality between spirit and matter and to provide opportunities for love and possibilities for good.

Our work together is about sparking YOUR personal evolution.

Helen’s Mission

  • To be joy and bring joy
  • To make a difference in the collective consciousness
  • To connect with my soul and assist you in connecting with yours
  • To support and motivate you through your journey
  • To be a vehicle of love and peace by expanding awareness of our multidimensionality
  • To assist in raising the vibrations of consciousness and love
  • To provide environments and opportunities for healing and experiencing the divine love we each have within
  • To assist in connecting with our own power in order to understand that we are all connected for a bigger purpose
  • To assist in upgrading your chakras and auric field

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Welcome to Healing In 5D

Welcome to Healing In 5D. Come with Helen on her journey of evolutionary possibilities with Meditation classes and Reiki classes. To learn more explore our website healingin5d.com

Evolutionary Expansion

We are in a time of great evolutionary expansion. We are experiencing huge shifts in the electromagnetic field. We are being given the opportunity to expand along with mother earth to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. I have received training from Ilona Hress, Michal Lichtman and others for my own evolutionary expansion. Now...