About Us

I am a healer, teacher and multidimensional coach. I am working and collaborating with those who wish to expand beyond the 3D limitations of the ego and accept the possibilities of living in 5D with its higher levels of consciousness, energetics and unconditional love. It’s a route to soul embodiment, self-awareness, self love and inner power, and the knowledge and experience that we are all connected.


It is not surprising that my life’s experiences have brought me to understand my passion and my mission to help expand the consciousness on earth and sustain a resonance of conditional love.

My education includes a BA in Psychology and an MA in Psychology. I am a Reiki Master. I always love school and I have a huge passion for learning, reading and I am continually taking more classes.

When my guidance counselor in college asked me what I wanted to do I told him I wanted to be of service to help others. He said that wasn’t specific enough. I guess he was right. I chose teaching as my profession, and I served as a special education teacher for twelve years. I’m still teaching and sharing and facilitating. My spiritual development was first nurtured in an all girls’ private Catholic elementary and high school experience. I facilitated a Bible Study group in my community for many years. I always wanted to learn more about religion and spirituality.

I was also intrigued with natural healing modalities and the prospect of channeling Reiki energy for healing. That started me off on a fifteen year immersion with that beautiful modality. My Reiki practice brought me to the hospital, to work with cancer patients, to help reduce the stress and side effects of their chemo and radiation treatments. Reiki brought me to the Visiting Nurse Association and by the besides of many hospice patients. Reiki helped them in their transition. Then I was called to the corporate environment. I served Johnson and Johnson, using Reiki to help employees with stress management.

I learned all about success in the 3D realm. Now I am stepping into a new realm and expanding my awareness. I am entering into the multidimensional realm of 5D living, having begun my training with Iona Hress (Growing Consciousness). And I have the opportunity to bridge the gap from 3D to 5D. This is not just an intellectual process. It is a lifestyle that teaches us to follow our heart (not our heads) to live in soul embodiment.

I bring over 40 years of experience to my work, 40 years that were purposeful and meaningful and prepared me for the adventures to come. I love to help, and now I can share the experiences of my own self-exploration and expansion with others, walking along with them in their own journey back to their soul. It is with great joy and love that I am opening up my practice to provide the individual activitations and attunements to help bring you to this higher level of awareness through the chakras and the auras and beyond. Don’t worry. This is not just an intellectual process, and I am here to support you through.