Evolutionary Expansion


We are in a time of great evolutionary expansion. We are experiencing huge shifts in the electromagnetic field. We are being given the opportunity to expand along with mother earth to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. I have received training from Ilona Hress, Michal Lichtman and others for my own evolutionary expansion. Now I am being guided to offer my services to facilitate that expansion for others.

December 21st 2013 was the end of the world the way we know it. The ENERGY is different. We are different. Things just don’t work the way they used to. It is an entirely different energetic paradigm. Since it is all new, sometimes we fall short of words to describe it. We need to be open to a new vocabulary.

We are calling it the shift from 3D to 5D. We were previously functioning in a 3D world. Mother Earth is now 5D, and we are invited to join her. We are talking about our choice to expand from what we can see with our eyes, to open up the possibility to go beyond, to what we feel in our heart, and be in touch with our soul. We are being given the choice to be soul embodied and in touch with our own divinity.