Helen is a healer. She heals through the knowledge of unconditional love, or what can be called 5D Healing. Her clients come because they are in pain, and Helen helps them get closer to their soul through the healing process. 5D Healing breaks the hypnotism of the everyday experience.

When you have unconditional love, all is solved. Helen’s 5D Healing processes bring joy, possibility and create a new consciousness within her clients. When one is infused with 5D (Unconditional Love), one cannot be corrupted. This is a process of relationships and collaboration. If you are in pain or want more out of your life, come try 5D Healing with Helen, and who knows where you are capable of going! Your life, joy and happiness are your responsibility. Your whole self will change based on this knowledge.

Helen will work with you to decode your vibrational energy and bring you to a higher vibration. Your resonance will be elevated so that when you enter a room, you bring the entire room up, just by your presence. It’s not about power, but we all have more power than we ever thought we could have. This process is not perfect, it’s not about perfection, but it is about learning, about making progress. Illness is a consequence of serious choices made throughout life. We can change our choices and be healthy.

Helen’s job is to be joyful and to keep things simple; to help coach, cheerlead and facilitate. She is not here to tell people how to live, but to allow her clients to have clarity, to be there and be present. This process will allow you to energetically release enough to empower a total consciousness. She will help you reach the state of Joyment, where living your highest self is more pleasurable than any entitlement could ever be. Please contact Helen today to setup an in-person consultation.


  1. Reiki
  • A natural, hands-on system of healing that so simple and yet so profound.
  • A wonderful, inexpensive tool for healing, cleansing and relaxing your body, mind and soul.
  • Easy to learn and you can do it for yourself every day.
  • An exquisite tool that is available to us to activate our innate inner capacity to heal ourselves.
  • The healing energy of the universe being guided by divine wisdom and facilitated by the collaboration of a Reiki practitioner.
  • A form of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and pain relief.
  • An excellent tool to access our soul… to meditate…. to expand…. and to evolve.
  • A spiritual healing practice that brings balance to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of our auric field, our chakra column, chakras and the entire electromagnetic energetic field.
  • A path to higher states of consciousness because it comes directly from source.
  • A beautiful expression of unconditional love.
  1. Multidimensional Coaching – Personalized sessions that honor the timing and acceleration of your evolutional development and facilitate your soul embodiment.
  1. Crystalline Grids – Using stones and crystals to promote 5th dimensional expansion, healing and support.


  • Infinity Channels – A diagnostic tool and also helpful in clearing the chakras and connecting with the field.
  • Color Box – “Painting” you in the color that is healing for you at the present moment, based on how your auric field is currently functioning.
  • Toning – I create and provide sounds that are healing and that help to clear the field and balance the masculine and feminine energies.


  • Crystallization of the 5D auric field and subtle bodies
  • Poleshift – connect your soul to the heart of the planet
  • Activating your new chakras
  • Personal ascension chamber – aqua light channel surrounded by golden cylinder
  • Manifestation in 5D
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies – gender unity

Work with me

  • Reiki classes and workshops
  • Reiki healing sessions
  • Meditation
  • Distant meditation – Raising the Vibrations
  • Multidimensional Coaching Sessions – A series of activations that upgrade the chakras, subtle bodies and chakra column.